Monday, April 2, 2007

Model, Clarissa Anderson

How can you work for something that you don't even use. That's like KFed working for shampoo or Paris Hilton working for condoms.

Model, Clarissa Anderson, said that she didn't get paid one cent for working on Bravo's Project Runway. In fact she says they worked for food only. She said they worked 15-hours a day, sometimes two days in a row and received no compensation.

"Just doing (‘Project Runway) and not being able to do other jobs while doing that was hard for me. I had to beg parents for money because I simply had no income at all. “I was so busy with the show that I wasn't really able to get other jobs through my agency because anything I did book I couldn'’t do because we were probably filming that day."

She said that Heidi Klum barely talked to them and that the producers said they would gain a lot of exposure and so far she hasn't seen anything.

"“They say, it's good exposure and everyone's going to see you; just think of all the jobs you'll get. I haven'’t gotten many jobs because of it, like none."

Tonight is the show's finale and I'm guessing Michael Knight takes this one home. Clarissa happens to be Michael's final model. Bitch needs to shut it and go eat something.


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